Shara Mkrtichyevich Talyan

Picture of  Shara Nikitich Talyan
Talyan was born on July, 16(28)th, 1893 in by Tbilisi. He started as tenor before changing to baritone.

During 1916-1918, Tayan studied at the Petrograd conservatory (class of S.Gabel). For the first time, he sang the parts of Saro and Nani (Anush) in Aleksandropol (nowadays Gyumri).

In 1924, Talyan organized together with A.S. Melik-Pashaev, A.Danielyan, L.Isetskim the Leninakansky opera troupe, whose director he was. During 1927-1932, Talyan was the organizer and soloist of ensemble Armenian Ashuri with which he went on tour of cities of Central Asia.

During 1933-1953/4 (depending on source), Talyan was soloist and one of the organizers of the Yerevan opera and ballet theatre named A.Spyendiarov.

In 1938, he organized and supervised up to 1941 the ensemble Armenian Gusan songs, subsequently Vlosledstvii Imeni Sayat-Novi.

In 1942, he was also one of the organizers of the Armenian musical comedy theatre.

Talyan possessed a beautiful, powerful voice of a wide range. In chamber music, Talyan sang romances and songs of Russian, West-European and Soviet composers.

He died on November 7th, 1965 in Yerevan.

His roles included: Faust, José, Sinodal, Saro, Mosi, David-Bek, Arshak, etc

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