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Picture of Vano Saradjishvili as Raoul
Vano Saradjishvili was born on May 1st 1879 at Signah near Tiflis in Georgia. From 1888, Vano Saradjishvili lived in Tiflis, where until 1895, he attended grammar school. From 1897 to 1900, Vano Saradjishvili was a chorister in the chorus S.Kavsadze and simultaneously studied violoncello. From 1903, Vano Saradjishvili studied singing at the Saint Petersburg conservatory, at first with I.Prjanishnikov, then with A.Panaeva. In 1906, Vano Saradjishvili made his debut as Alfredo at the Saint Petersburg Italian opera, where he sang with T.Ruffo and L.Cavalieri. During 1906-08, Vano Saradjishvili completed his studies in Milan with Castelano. In 1908, Vano Saradjishvili made his debut at La Scala under under the alias Saradjini. During the same period, Vano Saradjishvili sang at Turin, Parma, Trieste, Paris, and Nice. From 1914, Vano Saradjishvili went on tour through Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Kiev, Kharkov). From 1916-1918, Vano Saradjishvili was singing at the Opera in Baku. After 1918, Vano Saradjishvili was the leading tenor at the Tiflis opera. His repertory consisted of: Raoul, Radames, Nadir, Duca, Roméo, Faust, Cavaradossi, etc. His contemporaries compared his voice to the voice of A.Masini. Vano Saradjishvili retired in 1923. After retirement Vano Saradjishvili taught at the conservatory in Tbilissi (Tiflis). Vano Saradjishvili died on 11th November 1924 in Tiflis.
This information is taken from the encyclopedia "The Domestic singers 1750-1917, part 2 " by A.Prujansky, Published in 2000 at Moscow.
Vano Saradjishvili singsO sole mio
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Vano Saradjishvili singsRimprovero
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Gramophone, 1912-13
14-12077: Povero infermo (Davrdomili Sneuli (Sick)) (Andrea Quarashvili)
14-12078: O sole mio (Di Capua)
14-12079: Sempre tu (You and you ones again Isev Shen Da Isev Shen) (Quarashvili)
14-12080: Canto del carrettiere (Urmuli Folk)
14-12272: Quando ti guardo (When I'm gazing Odesac Gimzer) (Abashidze)
14-12273: Rimprovero ((Genatcvale) Reproof you)(Bongiovanni)
14-12274: Il sole non splende piu (he sun does not shine anymore Mze Agar Brcxinavs) (Araqishvili)
14-12275: A te sola (Shen Erts Only for you) (Dadiani)
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