Niaz Kuramshevich Dautov

23 September, 1913 Kazan - 1986 Kazan

Picture of Niaz Kuramshevich  Dautov
"It is necessary to know how to create oneself" Niaz Kuramshevich Dautov
As singer, director, and teacher, Dautov created one of the best pages of the musical history of Tatarstan

Dautov was born in 1913 in Kazan. He finished the Tatar operatic studio with Moscow conservatory (1938), and studied at the Moscow conservatory (1939-1943). He finished the Ural conservatory (1953).

During 1943-1956, 1960-1964, Dautov was soloist and the director of the Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet Theater

During 1965-197, Dautov was the chief director of the Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theater .

During 1956-1960 and from 1975 until 1986, he was soloist and the chief director of the Tatar Opera and Ballet Theater. During1975-1986, chairman of department of the operatic preparation of Kazan' conservatory.

The very first main role of Dautov was Lensky. With this role, he made his debut at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater in Moscow. Dautov also sang Roméo, Alfredo, Vladimir Dubrovskiy and Faust. Dautov had an excellent voice and was gifted as an actor. Those gifts brought him success on the operatic scenes of Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan.

However the role of Edvin in the movie Silva, brought Dautov an All-Union celebrity.

During 1956-1960, and then in 1975-1986, Dautov, soloist and the chief director of the Tatar state Opera and Ballet Theater, was also connected with the Kazan' conservatory, first as a docent, and since 1982 - professor, managing in this case the department of operatic preparation. Those were the most productive years of Dautov.

Dautov produced also operas in different cities of the country. Among them were: Carmen, Madama Butterfly, La Bohème, Pique Dame, Otello, Boris Godunov. During thirty years as a producer, he directed almost 80 operas. Those included operas by Tatar composers Such as Altynchach ("Girl with Golden Hair") by N.Zhiganov.

As a producer, Dautov loved expressive staging, bright entertainment and theatricality. He was the adherent of romantic style, art-like symbolism.

"The success of operatic play, he wrote, is positioned by the direct connection to the creatively of the musical score; therefore a producer, who works in the musical theater, must be, first of all, musician.
Contemporaries recall Dautov as very elegant, and correct. He was very demanding with himself and so he related to others.

Dautove died suddenly. It happened in 1986, in Kazan on the eve of a tour to Moscow. Here one of the last entry of Dautov in his diary: "It is now very stressful. Nothing will come out of this. It is necessary to know how to create oneself, the height of human spirit as the condition of creating the force"

A book on him was published in 1957. Yu. A. Golovachenko Niaz Dautov, Kazan 1957
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I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the preparation of the biographical notes and picture.
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