Perle Nere

Augustini, Carreras (new), Botha, Milnes, Didyk, Caballe, Bergonzi, Carreras, Alagna, Giacomini

  • Mauro Augustini
      • Mauro Augustini sings Otello: Esultate
      • Mauro Augustini sings Otello: Nium mitema
        Augustini, a C baritone or B- at best, has made a career singing in mostly desolated places. Why does he think with the voice he has now left, he can sing Otello. One time in Cairo, he sang Otello when the tenor cancelled before the start of the performance, sharing the role with one of other tenor when he had to sing Iago's lines.
  • José Carreras
  • Johan Botha
  • Sherill Milnes
  • Misha Didyk
  • Montserrat Caballe
      • Montserrat Caballe sings Carmen: Habanera
      • Why would she sing this at this stage of her life?
  • Carlo Bergonzi
      • Carlo Bergonzi has problem with Aida: Flatissimo
  • José Carreras
  • Robert Alagna
      • Roberto Alagna tries to sing Andrea Chenier: Very silent
  • Giuseppe Giacomini