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A weird person calling himself MonsterBariton (MB for short), a frustrated vocal coach, who uses also the names VerismoBaritone, Administration, Lion Gardiner and Jeremy Silver (his real name, he used it to correspond with). After being kicked out of different groups, MB appeared on the Grandi-Tenori site and immediately flooded the forum with innumerable number of messages. He needs to have the last word to satisfy his frustration of being a baritone with no career, a poor voice (MB posted a sample of his voice on Grandi-Tenori). He was also banned from the site by Adolf Anthonisen. MB opened a similar forum group Opera Voice Revival (OVR), to rival Grandi-Tenori, but does not to admit he is the owner of the forum as it is a mysterious Administration person who has no name. He also posted an article on this forum using the name of Lion Gardiner. When he was on Grandi-Tenori, he borrowed! my Hadley sounds file and used it as his own on Grandi-Tenori. He also did that for other sound files. On OVR, MB is the most frequent poster, knows everything and needs to have the last word. MB also cleans threads when it finds it is not good for him. The same is done by Adolf Anthonisen on Grandi-Tenori. Some of his postings are real pearls and denote a lack of knowledge. Here are a few from his numerous postings (text taken unchanged from OVR):
  • Answering a poster that stated that Jean De Reszke was polish, not French.
    Technically correct, but that is not really relevant nor does it have anything to do with the point He still spent most of his adult life in Paris and France, died there, taught voice there and wrote his famous books where he coined the phrase "singing in the mask" there.
    • MB always has the same style of answers when somebody corrects a mistake. It is not relevant. What is funny here is that MB adds another error without knowing it. Jean De Reszke did not die in Paris.
  • Just for everyones edification here is another excerpt from Stanley's book:
    • Stanley does not have a very good reputation as a vocal teacher (corrected from coach, I used the wrong word).
  • Nobody had a clearer voice than Caruso. LV had a clear voice as well, but that tremolo....
    • MB has a complex with tremolo (or caprino). He always detects that. I suggest he reads the article published by Stefan Zucker on the vibrato.
  • to the issue of the best French Drammatic tenor I have the answer. It is Fernand Ansseau. What a wonderful sound! Warm and brilliant. Very nice sound. Quite consticted on the top which shows as
    • Ansseau was neither a dramatic tenor, nor French.
  • He was a soubrette? Which one are you talking about. Fritz or Wolfgang? Fritz was a well known Heldentenor and father of Wolfgang who was not a true heldentenor, but compared to Domingo he was.
    • Fritz was not a real Heldentenor, neither was Wolfgang.. Both should have stayed singing more lyrical parts.
  • Volker is MB choice for a German Heldentenor (I previously used by mistake the name of Widgassen).
    • Volker was never an Heldentenor.
  • Really? So, you think Vezzani is vocally and artistically great
    • Now MB thinks Vezzani is not a good tenor, probably he has a caprino.
    German dramatic tenors....Volker
    • Volker was no dramatic tenor.
  • French tenors suck in general. I cannot think of any at this time.
    • Intelligent posting.
  • That is not what Arnoldo is saying. He is giving a reason why it is important to know the exact number of performances DM sang. I was not reporting anything, but I was commenting on the fact that while it is historically significant for those who care it is not practically significant. So, unless you can give an accurate report, Cassandra, take your own advice and be silent on the subject
    • For MB Opera History is not important at all.
  • He is OK, but a bit constricted and sometimes he overdarkens and gets woofy. That does not surprise me as he studied with Hines. If you listen to some of the recordings on his website they are very constricted and do not sound as easy as these recordings do. He was good, but not great in my opinion.
    • MB is talking about Joseph Shore and demonstrated his lack of understanding.
  • They cannot agree on what the right pronunciation is anyway!! The voice is the most important thing and sometimes you cannot pronounce the french exactly as it is spoken. The same goes for German. The only language in which you can sing as it is spoken is Italian.
    • MB is somewhat literate in English, but does not know anything about foreign languages. MB has the urge to say anything to have the last word. MB cannot speak Italian either.

MB has two sycophants Solomini and Open Throat. Open Throat is a greenhorn from CA. Solomini is an Australian who thinks he is a New Yorker because he lives there. Both are remarkable in their lack of knowledge and blind support for any statements made by MonsterBaritone.

There is another weird person on OVR Mr. Wonderful. Mr. Wonderful is a comprimario basso, who had that inspiring statement during the discussion on French pronunciation: French should be pronounced anyway you want. To hell with the snooty frogs. Mr. Wonderful fits well on OVR. Some of the best lines of Mr. Wonderful:

  • What I never understood about Shore was where was he? Its not as if there were so many Verdi baritones around that would just be missed. Why didn't he have an international career?
    • No clue
  • Winner:
    Placido Domingo - The most roles, the best houses, the most recordings, the most definitive roles. Superb muscianship, great on stage, very intense, started young, still going at 65, very busy. Media star, conductor, administrator. A great man.
    • Also a great liar, a tenor without top, a so so conductor, never sang the most tenor roles.
Bottom line:

Jeremy S from New Jersey (31 years old)/MonsterBaritone/VerismoBaritone/Administration, and his 2 sycophants were not pleasedClown

  • OK, so let me go point by point with this moron. I guess he thinks because he has a website where he posts recordings of singers that means that he is so knowledgeable about the voice and what great singing is. What a freaking joke.
    • This is what he sent me before, thinking I was thinking of him highly, that's what is the joke:
      I have created my own website called operavoicerevival.com Feel free to visit it and explore. I would love to put a link to your site on my website if that is OK. Would you be willing to put a link to my website on your links page? Thank you and I love your site. Cordially,
  • First I want to point out that he calls it a discussion group of OVR and MonsterBaritone, but it is only him posting comments. He is pissed off because he e-mailed me after I told his friends Arnoldo and Cassandra off and accused me of being all these different people and being unprofessional. I told him to go f*** himself and now he is so mad that he found it necessarily to post this on his site. Get a life Francois!!!
    • The weirdo is not following his code of conducts of his discussion group populated by many primates. He is parading as MonsterBaritone, VerismoBaritone, Administration, Gardiner. Because he cannot hide his tracks due to his innate lack of intelligence, it is very easy to put 2 and 2 together. I first got acquainted with him on the other site Grandi-Tenori, where he posted almost all day long after he registered to the site. He first posted, without acknowledgement, my Hadley track on GT (easy to find out as it was using the same file name, just removing my site ID). I was the only one on GT identifying correctly being the one of Hadley. This was not very difficult as it was my clip. After he took 2 other tracks from another tenor. I decided to set a trap; I posted another track of that tenor under another name on GT. I immediately got an email from him (gardiner…) to me personally asking if I had other tracks from that singer telling me how much he liked my site: He used the name Jeremy S, unfortunately it was the same email address as MonsterBaritone. I responded I did not, when I did. I do not want the deal with the freak. Later he changed on his web advertisement (He is a vocal teacher) his email to operasinger.. When he created his site, he used the name Gardiner and this email address, while it was still the email address of Jeremy S. He still insists that MonsterBaritone is not him and created a new identity Graveli Rubino. However the writing style of all their postings is the same. MonsterBaritone, please use some intelligence when creating several identities. It is difficult and beyond your skills. He also threaten me on OVR, proposed to me to call him and that he would give me his phone number. When I told MB, I knew is phone number was starting with 973, strangely enough hid web advertisement with his phone number disappeared.
  • A weird person? Oooh. That hurts. If you are normal then weird in fine with me. First of all, you do not have any proof that I am any of those people. I have been on different sites and kicked off of a couple because I refused to cowtail to the stupidity and ridiculousness that permeates almost all of the opera world today. People need a WAKE UP CALL!! I will also add that many people have been kicked off of these forums. I was kicked off of Grandi-Tenori after they wanted to temporarily ban me for fighting with people after I was repeatedly attacked by these people. People quit GT because of how I was treated. After I was singled out I made the choice to ban myself for good by telling them to stick it up their ass. Big whoopee. I am going to hang my head in shame because I was kicked of the glorious online opera discussion forums. How can I go on with my life??? In addition, I am in contact with some of the people I was fighting with on GT and having nice conversations. I have also received an e-mail of apology from someone who I fought with on GT and nfcs.net which was very nice.
    • Delusional. He was kicked from other groups because he threatened people disagreeing with him, like he did with me.
  • I posted a clip of myself singing at 24 with less than a year of lessons after I had been constantly asked to show a recording of myself. I hardly think that is an accurate representation of my voice now. What a joke these people are. Francois, these are childish tactics. And I will put that voice at 24 singing in a very low key against most baritones singing today. As a teacher, and as I have been told by many, many teachers, hearing someone that sounded like that at 24 I would jump out of my skin. If you cannot hear the potential and talent in that voice then you prove my point which is that the opera world is full of frauds, phonies and idiots that have no clue about the voice.
    • Since the poor fellow is now 31 and he also praises his technique, why would he post that horrible sound file. He is phony as a teacher. In view of the quantity of his postings during the day, he must not have many students.
  • I would like to see your proof of this (STEALING MY SOUND FILES). You have none. What happened is Cassandra put all of these ideas in your head. Cassandra is Imogen. She kept e-mailing me, Aphrodite and Ben trying to start something. She admits in her e-mails that she likes strife and tension. Well, apparently, it was too much tension for her so she fled. Then she got her cohorts to come after me with all these outrageous accusations that THEY CAN NOT PROVE!!! Jacka**es! Francois did not think of these things himself; they were put into his head.
    • I detailed it above. Imogen did not tell me anything. I knew it long before I met her on MB site.
  • Can you prove this? No. You do not know where I got my soundfiles from. What a moron. And your soundfiles of LM are inaccurate. What a great site that you have that you cannot even bother to post recordings at the proper playback speed. How "professional"!!
    • Proven above. The sound files were obtained by Jim Hanrahan from a live concert of Lomonaco. MB knows that because I told him, when I was setting him up.
  • Yeah, because the thread was about singing in the mask and I quoted Stanley's book in which he says that Jean de Rezske was french. So, saying he was technically polish was not relevant. Do you know what relevant means Francois? Do you know what context is? Evidently not as we can see here and will see with your other quotes of me. By the way, this is what I said in that thread:
    • Singing in the mask has nothing to do with Jean de Reszke being Polish. MB did not check what Stanley stated. A tenor living in New York told me that he had a lot of problems because of the Stanley method. I will not name him because I do not want him to be harassed by MB, living close to him. I can visualize MB crooning I am not singing in the mask on the tune of Singing in the rain. Of course he would do that without a caprino.
  • Well, Francois, that is good that Stanley did not have a good reputation as a coach because he was not a vocal coach. He was a vocal pedagogue. The fact that you do not know the difference tells everything. And if he was not good why did he have students that had major careers? In addition, just listen to Tom LoMonaco or Jerry LoMonaco and you can hear how good of a teacher he was. I would love to hear from Nouvion exactly what Stanley taught that was incorrect? I would love to know if he even has his books? IDIOT!!!
    • Too bad Stanley taught singing he ruined many singers. Tommy Lomonaco did not have a career, but was a vocal teacher, and Jerry a small one. That's all you can come up with. A friend of mine sent me a sound file from Jeremy Silber, posted on Grandi-Tenori by MB, demonstrating The results of the Stanley's Method. Can we hear a caprino when Silver sings?
  • to the issue of the best French Drammatic tenor I have the answer. It is Fernand Ansseau.
    As I answered Ansseau was neither French nor a dramatic tenor. MB said:
    I never said this. This is a lie that is compelte made up or fragmented. This is what I said: "French tenors who do not suck: Vezzani (although he had issues), Luccioni, Villabella (although he is not really French technically)"
    • What does that have to do with Ansseau?
  • So, you, Francois, like Arnoldo do not know the difference between practical and historical. What an idiot. I did not say that opera history does not matter. Can you quote where I did. Dear God when where does the idiocy end.....???
    • What has practical to do with operatic history. Nothing. He stated many times that operatic history is not important
  • Oh, I guess because Nouvion can post recordings and likes opera he now has pedagogical knowledge. If you can not hear these things you are a moron. That is not my fault. Please Francois, give an in depth vocal analysis of Shores singing.
    • MB is jealous of Shore who was a great baritone and now is a great teacher. By the way MB never gives in depth analysis of anything, just insults when necessary.
  • First of all, he takes my quote out of context once again. By "they" I was talking about the various vocal coaches. They do not always agree on every single accent or pronuncitaion. And how in the world would you know if I speak Italian or not. Do I know you? No. I do not. What a pretentious retard.
    • MB, when he is caught with his pants down, always says he never said that. The reason I know is I can understand spoken Italian, same thing with French and German. The one time I tested him in Italian he answered me with insults in English (used another name for that, an Italian name:) He also thinks he is an expert in Spanish:.
  • I am not going to go on with this any further. Anyone clear thinking can see what a jerk Nouvion is. And if you have to take quotes out of context, fragmented together or that are from someone else altogether and apply them to me then you are a liar and you have no point. If you have to do these things you do not have an argument. You are a joke. You need to get a life. Just sit over there and post recordings of people and keep quiet. You know nothing about the voice and singing other than liking somone or not liking someone.
    • Very funny because he went on with several postings on the subject. MB cannot stand to be contradicted.
  • In his article on The Fear of Big Singing, published by MB under the name Lion (sometimes spelled Lyon by MB) lists among the big voice singers: Callas, Macneil and Wunderlich. Wunderlich never had a big voice. Callas never had a big voice and in top of that she had a bad technique. As for Macneil he out sung his resources and when his lack of technique let him down, he sang for the rest of his career with a big unpleasant wobble. Bravo MB, maybe he did not have a caprino. He really should learn about vibrato. Lauri Volpi had a vibrato. By the way I heard the three singers live. Besides having no voice and talent, Jeremy Silver does not know what he is talking about.
  • As for OpenTroat, he had to look for the word sycophant in the dictionary and he missed a good time with a girl, according to him, because of my posting. Too bad.
  • Jeremy Silver, AKA Monster Baritone acting as Gravelino Rubino sent the following message to every male member of Opera Voice Revival:

    Dear members of opervoicerevival,
    I am going back to Italy and I cannot run OVR any longer.
    Gravelino Rubino.

    He went back under another name, on Grandi-Tenori a site well qualified to have such an expert.

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