Jokers and wannabes

This contains Jokers who think they are singers or great. This section is new. Other singers like Gomez, Bandukov etc will be moved here. We have put Sloman and Silver already here. The new thing Franco Sioli whose Rigoletto is incredible and caused a near riot in Marseille.

Wågsjö , Ambrosio, LaFond Salinas, Venezia, Hanek, Fabbricini, Friðriksson , Menicucci, Tenor George, Sioli, The Stanley Tenors Enemies

  • Prof. Roger Wågsjö
    • Picture of Enrique Ambrosio
      • Prof. Roger Wågsjö sings L'Africaine: O Paradis
        Wågsjö was a Gedda's student. He writes that he is teaching the Gedda's method and call himself Prof. Roger Wågsjö, another charlatan like Roger Yaeche.
  • Enrique Ambrosio
    • Picture of Enrique Ambrosio
  • Jean-Ronald LaFond
    • Picture of Jean-Ronald LaFond
      • Jean-Ronald LaFond teaches First voice lesson
      • Jean-Ronald LaFond demonstrates Otello: Si pel ciel
        He is a teacher in New York, Berlin and Göteborg and trains, sorry, wrecks lots of young singers.
  • Isaac Salinas
    • Picture of Isaac Salinas
      • Isaac Salinas sings Turandot: Neesun dorma
        During a trip to Tokyo a while agao, I purchased at Tower Records a CD from a certain Isaac Salinas. It is issued by Montilla Musical Industries under the number CDFM-3038. Salinas sings arias from I Lombardi, Pagliacci, Adriana Lecouvreur, Fedora, Turandot, Macbeth, Tosca, Carmen, Madama Butterfly, Martha, Il Trovatore, Manon Lescaut, Otello, Cavalleria Rusticana, and Aida. It is quite an ambitious program. While the notes mentioned some places where the conductor Lazlo Rooth has performed, there was nothing about where Salinas has sung. There is a general bla bla on his artistic development. After hearing the CD, one can understand that possibly Salinas has never sung anywhere and could have paid to have the CD issued. It is quite funny to listen to and can be used as a party record. If anybody knows more about him, please let me know.

        Juan José Arias read this posting and send me the following on Salinas:
        Salinas was born in La Havana, Cuba on September 3rd, 1943. He is Mexican citizen since 1980 and sang at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the Sala Ollín Yoliztl and the Sala Nezahualcóyotl in Mexico City from 1981 to 1986. Salinas sang just a few performances, first small roles as Aida's Il Messaggero and Fléville from Giordano's Andrea Chenier. In 1982, he sang the role of Don Fernando de Esponda in the world premiere of La Güera from C. Jiménez Mabarak. In 1983, Salinas sang Pinkerton. In 1984, he sang Carmen's Don Jose in a concert and Cavaradossi, and in 1986 again Don José. He also sang in The United States, Europe and Sud America.
        In 1992, my father (who had an opera radio program) received a phone call from a friend and assessor of the owner of the Orfeón Record Company asking for a tenor to do a record of Zarzuela romanzas. However my father didn't know any good tenor to recommend. Just a few months, later this record company (Orfeón) engaged Mr. Salinas and, I don't know why but he made the recordings and the story began.
        Salina was co-conductor of one opera radio program here in Mexico City, and he and the principal conductor Claudio Lenk, very frequently put his wonderful voice?????? on the air.
        Now, Mr. Salinas lives in Miami, Florida and is one of the voice teachers of an important university there.
        As you can see Mr. Salinas’s career has been nothing important, and besides he was a lucky man to find people that know nothing about tenor voices. Don’t you thing so? Yes, I do

  • Joe Venezia
      • Joe Venezia sings Otello: Nium mi tema
        • Joe Venezia is 70 years old. He has studied with almost all teachers in New York City. He has decided now to have a career and is planning Calaf next.
  • Kevin Hanek
  • Tiziana Fabbricini
    • Picture of Tiziana Fabbricini
      • Tiziana Fabbricini sings Lucia di Lammermoor: Mad scene
        • A typical Muti-lati singer.
    • Kári Friðriksson
      • Picture of Kári Friðriksson
        • Kári Friðriksson sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
          • He is informing us he is sings like Bonisolli.
      • Delfo Menicucci
        ballo Keiko Yamada Cerutti
        • Picture of Delfo Menicucci
        • Picture of Delfo Menicucci
        • Delfo Menicucci sings Madama Butterfly: Bimba dagli occhi pieni di malia, with Megumi Saito
        • Delfo Menicucci sings Otello: Nium mi tema
          • July 24, 1954

            Incredibly, he teaches singing. He sounds awful and the same for his students. He did masterclasses in Japan, where he probably can charge very high fees for destroying the voices of his students.

            He studied singing with Cathy Berberian 1980/1981, Leyla Gencer 1981/1983, Rodolfo Celletti 1981/1983, Rina Del Monaco 1988/1991, Sara Sforni Corti 1991/1995, and Giuseppe Di Stefano 1989.

            He taught at following conservatories: MILANO - Conservatorio Statale "Giuseppe Verdi": since 1995, LUCCA - Conservatorio "Luigi Boccherini": 1990, MILANO - Scuola Civica: 1988, PESCIA (PT) - Scuola Comunale: 1991, and VIAREGGIO (LU) - Scuola Comunale: 1987.

            He conducted many Masterclasses.

            According to his Website he has a repertory of 62 roles, first as a baritone then as a tenor and has appeared on following stages:
            GENOVA - Teatro Comunale: 1980,1982,1986,1987,1990
            TORINO - Teatro Regio: 1984, 1991
            PALERMO - Teatro Massimo: 1987
            VENEZIA - Teatro La Fenice: 1982
            MARTINAFRANCA Festival: 1982
            PARMA Teatro Regio: 1981, 1982 (Could not find his name in the Regio Chronology)
            TORRE DEL LAGO Festival: 1980, 1986
            MODENA - Teatro Comunale: 1980
            COMO - Teatro Sociale: 1982
            SASSARI - Teatro Verdi: 1988/1997
            MANTOVA - Teatro Sociale: 1990
            LUCCA - Teatro del Giglio: 1980,1990
            TIMISOARA (Rom)- Teatro di Stato: 1995

            Among them Andrea Bocelli (No surprise here).

            He has published a book:
            "SCUOLA DI CANTO LIRICO E MODERNO" (ed. Omega -Torino-), trattato vocale sulla "Tecnica di Affondo". D'impianto scientifico, costato sei anni di lavoro e di ricerca, con prefazioni di Andrea Bocelli e del Prof. Franco Fussi, contenente un CD di esempi vocali indispensabili alla comprensione della tecnica descritta.

      • Tenor George
        george my way Paul Anka
        • Picture of George Valentin Dragomir
        • Tenor George sings My Way
        • Tenor George sings Lucia di Lammermmoor: Tombe degli avi miei ... Fra poco a me ricovero ... Tu che a Dio
        • Tenor George sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
          • Tenor George sometimes calling himself George Valentin or George Dragomir has tried for years to promote his singing. He posted on Grandi Tenori, now that Grandi Tenori is gone, he tried to post on the Group Lyric Opera Trading a link to his singing using another name and proclaming go this link to hear that Great Romanian Tenor. He also sent links to Daniele Godor and Historical Tenors with no succes.
      • Franco Sioli
        • Picture of Franco Sioli
        • Franco Sioli sings Rigoletto: Cortigiani and Final curtain call
          • We learn that Franco Sioli (...) è un baritono, pianista, oboista e direttore d'orchestra italiano. His greatest success was winning the first Pavarotti competion. He was taken apart all evening by the audience in Marseille. You can learn a few French insults here.
      • The Stanley Tenors enemies
        • Benjamin Sloman and Jeremy Silver are two interesting cases. Both started off as baritones and studied with the same teacher (Tommie Lo Monaco). Both are obsessed with Internet forums where they are talking vocal technique, using many different pseudonyms (Solomini, Ben, Skeptic, Ozitenor, Monsterbaritone, Verismobaritone, Administration, Gravelino Rubino, Mr.Cafiero, MAN, baritanist etc). Now, both of them want to become tenors. Sloman has his own website where he is listing the roles he has sung in the past: Manrico, Siegmund, Radames etc. - all in C or D houses and with opera companies where you either have to pay to sing or where you sing for free. The audio he provides is scarse, funny for someone who pretends to have sung Radames. Not a single aria, not a single high note. Clips that do not last longer than a few seconds is all Sloman dares to post.

          Silver is famous for his arrogant and aggressive behavior on Internet forums. He is Mr. know it all and pretends to have a voice that "sounds like the young MacNeil". On Grandi Tenori he pompously stated that "Dolora Zajick has a great voice" but that he would not like to switch voices with her. He has been banned on many forums. He apparently has no career at all, not even at the low class opera events Sloman participates in. At the Grandi Tenori website both individuals are now fighting about how to sing properly. While Sloman (who is an educated person and an ex-lawyer) has made it to the position of an admin of that site, Silver (who is not half as sly) had been banned many times. First, he was Monsterbaritone, then he came back under many different aliases. Now, he is Baritanist and says "I am not Jeremy Silver, I am 18 years old".

          As the discussion between the two became more and more heated, they both posted their voices to shut up the other:


          Well, what can we say. The singing is so incredibly bad that there is only one thing to say: quit singing immediately and do something else. Sloman wanted to prove how right he was and posted this incredibly bad clip. That was the best he could post? A short clip from some musical performance, not an aria, not a high note, only a few seconds of amateurish, unmusical, uncharismatic, unprofessional singing. Shocking. In Europe, he would not even be accepted in a C house opera chorus and would not be accepted at any conservatory. We want to remind Sloman that to sing in a chorus you have to know how to sing. A typical audition aria is the Taminao aria. We cannot imagine Sloman singing it.


          Now Silver, sorry, Baritanist, who is not Silver. He was courageous enough to post a few entire songs. Let's have a look at the first one, Nebbie by Respighi. The singer, obviously a bad amateur with a wobble, has no musicality, gives a sloppy performance, has an unattractive voice and a wobble. Worst of all, he is off-pitch all the time. The high notes are all sung on the vowel ö, Baritanist does not seem to know that ö does not exist in Italian. We can safely say that Dolora Zajick certainly does not wish to switch voices with him either. The voice is, however, very similar to the one of Jeremy Silver.


          When Silver was on Grandi-Tenori as MonsterBaritone, he posted his voice. After listening to the poor recording of Silver as a baritone and comparing it to the voice of Baritanist as a tenor ("Baritanist" is a weird name for a tenor anyway), there is only one conclusion to make: both pieces are sung by the same person. Baritanist is Jeremy Silver now trying to sing as a tenor after he had no success at all as a baritone. A comparison of a 2 second high note proves it. The vibrato (the wobble or caprino as defined by Silver) is 100% identical when played simultaneously.

          The singing is so bad (by both) that the only thing that Historical Tenors can say is that they should do something else, something more useful in their lives. They will never make it anywhere and since they both have no talent at all, they have no chance of ever developing the necessary skills to become good. Terrible singers often display a great deal of Internet activity with a lot of bla bla about technique. They are all great experts and have no voices at all - this theory has once again gloriously been proven by the sad cases of Sloman and Silver.

          Silver was the owner of the Opera Voice Revival Discussion Group", now closed, where he showed his craziness, while Sloman was already discussed on this site. A last funny thing about Sloman, is the following: When he sang Tosca at the Hanptons, he wrote on his site the review by a great expert Cognac Wellerlane. You can find her on YoutTube by Googling Sloman and you can hear what expert she is. Otherwise she sounds high all the the time.