Review of Benjamin Sloman's Website

When we open the page, we are greeted by a sort of a smiling face of a slightly overweight man, who is trying to to look for what he is not: Nice. Mr. Sloman, one of the Grandi Tenori so called expert, has taken for quite a long time singing lessons in New York, at one time with Tommy Lomonaco under the influence of his ex friend Jeremy Silver, also known as Monsterbaritone. After apparently quitting with a vengeance Lomonaco's training, Mr. Sloman tried to have me post on Historical Tenors, using of course another name when contacting me, electronically modified sound files of Lomonaco. Now Mr. Sloman has his own tenor website. Unfortunately he has no full time job anymore since apparently 2007 with Sidley in New York. Now Mr. sloman must earn his living from singing, a difficult task! Mr. Sloman tries to tell us that: Australian tenor, Benjamin Sloman has performed internationally . According to Mr. Sloman, places like Sydney Town Hall, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, One World Symphony, Liederkranz of New York City and the Tisch Center for the Arts justify his international label. Mr. Sloman further tells us that he has indeed accomplished the following recently: Recent operatic credits include appearances in Il Trovatore, La Boheme, Don Pasquale, Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci, Salome, Carmen and Tosca with Opera New York, One World Symphony and Opera of the Hamptons.. Strangely enough Mr. Sloman does not tell us that he sang at The Amato Opera company of New York, a place where unknowns sing in dreadful productions and skeleton, so called, orchestra. The next Mr. Sloman's international accomplishments are: On the concert stage Mr. Sloman has made numerous recent appearances including: An Italian Night, Music of Puccini, Verdi and Napoli with Opera of the Hamptons, Classical Concert Starring Emerging Artists with Opera of the Hamptons at the Levitas Hall, Southampton Cultural Center, Summer Nights Concert Series at Brighton Beach, and regular concert appearances with Allegro Opera, including a recital honoring Puccini's 150th Anniversary at the 92nd Street Y Tisch Center for the Arts.. Further more Mr. Sloman had dreadful sounding singing samples on his site, a friend of mine called them great for pig calling. By the way, since Mr. Sloman knows that I listened to those samples, he has reduced them into one as it seems he was afraid of his own awful singing. This website is full of misrepresentations trying to pass a clueless beginner as a professional international singer. Another proof not believe everything that is written on the net. He is not the only one to try to make us believe that he is a great tenor, we have the example of Edgar Bastidas, but Bastidas is not afraid to put on awful complete examples of his singing, not forgetting Ignacio Gómez. This fits well in Mr. Godor's OPERA FANATIC – A CYCLOPAEDIA OF ONLINE CHARLATANS, where Mr. Sloman is already mentioned.

Picture of Poor Tenor
Mr. Sloman after hearing himself sing!

Some reviews of experts on Mr. Sloman's singing:

  • I just heard the voice of Benjamin Sloman. His voice is throaty, with kind of a cloudy wobble, trying to sing Non Piangere Liů, pretty bad and how can this man think he is a tenor. About the worse I've heard in my life. Ask others. He is a joke.
  • Sounds like WaveLab to me.
  • Great for Pig calling contest.
  • At the very least he sounds tight and has a poor timbre.
Mr. Sloman informs us, he is represented by IPA Management. Quite incredible!

Mr. Sloman puts some clips on You Tube: The Cavalleria rusticana duet, and Carmen act 1 duet with Carmen. Mr. Sloman demonstrates perfect shouting in Cavalleria rusticana, while he tries to sing in French in the Carmen excerpts. After receiving some congratulations emails, Mr. Sloman withdrew the Cavalleria rusticana clip. Opera thanks him for his courage. However the most funny clip is from Tosca with him and an equally awful soprano Cristina Fontanelli posted by a Cognac Wellerlane who interviewed the two singers regarding a performance of Tosca, with piano, at the Hamptons. The interviewer has also no clue. But this gives the opportunity to get a wonderful picture of Mr. Sloman as Cavaradossi and some short singing snippet to please our sensitive ears.

Picture of Benjamin Sloman as Cavaraddosi
Ecco un artista!

Tosca: Parlami ancor
Mr. Sloman must have studied with Roger Yaèche.

Here we have a picture of Mr. Sloman participating in a great Puccini concerto (150 years Puccini) in a basement (of course an International Basement)!

Picture of a tenor singing in a basememnt

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